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ICF Tech - advanced construction technology

Call us on 01773 850920

Cranford Crescent

The next generation Insulating Concrete Form

The Government’s drive for greater sustainability and efficiency in the construction sector has encouraged alternative methods of building recognised under the title “Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)” – although this is expected to change to Efficient Methods of Manufacture under the Code for Sustainable Homes.

ICF construction is evident around the world in all types of buildings – apartment blocks, basements, offices, hospitals, schools, shops, hotels as well as housing.

Building with ICFs dramatically reduces the time and cost of construction and offers huge advantages in energy saving, fire safety, thermal efficiency and acoustic performance – and is also the greener, more sustainable choice.

A complete system

ICF Tech is the only complete ICF system specifically designed for the UK construction sector. The system includes all the elements required to construct ICF walls such as the floor supports, bracing and alignment system and closers to seal the window and door cavities.

We can provide trained installation support to oversee your build, including architectural, structural and construction related areas. Our trainers can assist your build during critical build stages such as prior to, and post, concrete pours to ensure that you have no issues with your build.

Environmental choice

Our system enjoys excellent eco credentials in terms of environmental profiles (A+ BRE assessed ratings) from a design approach that makes use of recycled materials wherever possible.

Through its thermal and air infiltration performance, ICF construction can significantly reduce the ongoing operational CO2 emissions of buildings, which are responsible for some 50% of the UK’s total CO2 emissions.

Structural performance

The ICF Tech system consists of strong yet lightweight, interlocking forms made from flame retardant Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). Once the forms are constructed the structure is filled with a Self Compacting Concrete to form a high performance monolithic concrete wall. We can advise you on the correct mix for any situation, including basement construction. Our work with Aggregate Industries and BASF has resulted in the world’s first concrete developed specifically for ICFs, Rheo Cell ICF.

External finishes

An ICF building can look like any other by adding brick slip systems, timber cladding, render or commercial cladding systems. We have worked with clients whose properties are finished in copper and cedar cladding, thin coat flexible renders, brick slips and conventional stone finishes. Whatever your project requires can easily be accommodated with our system.

Acoustic performance

Due to the density and thickness of the concrete cores within the ICF Tech system, excellent acoustic insulation is provided.

Cost effective

The ICF Tech system is around 10% more cost effective than traditional house building techniques achieving code level 3/4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes for little more than the cost of meeting Part L of the current Building Regulations with normal brick and block and timber frame construction.

Our ICF system achieves 0.19 W/m² K with our standard form and can go down to 0.11W/m² K using additional insulation, yet with a structural width starting from just 250mm.  We achieve air permeability ratings as low as 0.74m³/m²/hr @ 50Pa measured (without additional draught exclusion techniques). High performance and still cost effective.

British design

ICFs have been used in the construction industry for more than 50 years mainly in the self build markets particularly in the USA. The ICF Tech system has been designed specifically for the UK market, complying with Building Regulations and British Standards, and of course, completely metric modular. Volume house builders and smaller property developers can now benefit from the ICF Tech system, which is designed to be the ‘next generation’ ICF system delivering real benefits including design flexibility, thermal performance, ease of use, speed of construction and cost effectiveness.