We are a UK company, founded back in 2004 to bring the Insulated Concrete Form technology to the construction market. Our system was conceived and designed here in the UK and is manufacture by British companies with the idea to meet the UK standards and construction elements with minimal effort.

Insulated concrete forms are a modern method of construction that involved insulation layers and structural core; our system has two faces of dense fire-retardant EPS (insulation layers) linked by a plastic web that creates a cavity that is filled with concrete (structural core). The combination of the concrete, plastic and EPS provide a very efficient and robust method of construction.

The construction process is simple, intuitive and very fast; once a traditional foundation is in place, the external walls are erected using our system, one storey at a time. Once the walls reach the desired floor height, the concrete is pumped from the top of the wall (max. height of 3.15m).

While the concrete cures, the intermediate floors are installed. Once the floor surface is finished, the next storey of the ICF formwork can be started and the process is repeated to complete the building.

Our system is suitable for buildings up to 5 storeys high and can be used in conjunction with any type of flooring, both concrete or timber based.