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ICF Tech - advanced construction technology

Call us on 01773 850920


The ICF block system

ICF Tech is the only complete ICF system specifically designed for the UK construction sector. Our system is completely metric modular to align with brick courses, plasterboard fixing and will accommodate all types of flooring system from ground bearing slabs to Hanson JetFloor and conventional timber floors. We can provide the materials, training and expertise to help you make the logical move to ICF Tech construction.

The ICF Tech system has all the elements needed for a successful ICF structure, including the forms (blocks) and all the ancillary items which have been co-designed and manufactured for an integrated solution. At each element of our design we looked to the market to see if suitable items were available to meet our high standards; at each stage we designed and manufactured our own - no compromise.

Our in-house contract management team, architectural and structural engineering experts ensure that we can work with you on every aspect of your build.

House form & wall form

Structural core sizes

The ICF Tech system has been designed with two main structural core sizes - 100mm (HouseForm) and 150mm (WallForm). The 100mm system has been designed for a minimum of three storey construction with intermediate concrete floors with minimal rebar, just one H10 bar every 1200 vertically and at the second, fourth and six courses horizontally.

This produces a range of performance wall widths (including internal plasterboard and external render finish) from just 278mm for a 0.19 U value for Standard Wall, 315mm for a 0.15 U value for our High Performance Wall and just 348mm for our 0.11 U value Zero Carbon Wall. No reduction of internal room sizes and no need to reduce dwellings per site to meet the new Code for Sustainable Homes requirements.

Brick Slip Finish

Any finishes

Our forms have an embedded polypropylene web at 300mm spacings. This web has been designed to hold 64kg/m2 with a comfortable factor of safety. This will allow slip systems, timber cladding or heavy clay tiles to be fixed with ease.

Basement Construction

Basement construction

We use tried and tested waterproofing systems to ensure watertight construction, including new watertight concretes where external tanking is not possible. Unlike weaker ICFs, we don't need to stop to let the concrete harden when we fill our walls; we can pour to 2.7m in one operation so you don't get day joints where you don't want them.

Bracing alignment system

Bracing & alignment system

The system provides a safe working platform as the ICF wall is erected. It also keeps the wall plumb during the concrete pumping. Our design is strong enough to allow installers to wear fall arrest system; an important 'working at height' concern.



Designed to seal the core around the window and door openings prior to the concrete being pumped in. The core of the FormCloser is insulated to stop thermal bridging. Special grooves have been designed-in to allow rapid fitment of 'clip fit' window systems; saving time and creating a safer working environment.

Floor ledger

Floor ledger

To speed up the erection of timber floors, ICF tech has designed a steel floor ledger system that is embedded into the EPS blocks as the wall is erected. This provides a very strong structural anchor.



Setting out the first row of ICF forms is simplified with the use of ICF Tech's FormLok. The FormLok is secured to the foundation and as the ICF first course is installed, it is simply screwed to the FormLok thereby anchoring it in place; an important feature when working in inclement and windy conditions.

Raising pieces

Raising pieces

Our Double Interlock Raising Piece (DIRP) is designed to provide additional storey height increase in 75mm increments where required to match brick coursing and our Single Interlock Raising Piece (SIRP) has been designed to accommodate any thickness of flooring system without interrupting the horizontal interlock of our system; keeping it simple.

Rebar cradle

Rebar cradle

Simply insert into the top and sides of the FormCloser and rotate through 90 degrees and you have a rebar cradle ready to accept rebar to form the lintel above openings and the required rebar detail around the opening.