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ICF Tech - advanced construction technology

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New homes under construction using ICF Tech's insulating concrete wall system.

Cost comparisons

There is an all too common question that is asked in the construction industry; “what’s your m2 rate?” but unfortunately this is as crude as it is an inaccurate way to assess one form of construction against another.

Just to set the record straight, all m2 rates banded about by firms seeking to build your new home do not take into account the ‘whole’ cost of providing a given solution, not even the cost of forming an opening such as window or a door.  They also do not take into account the need for scaffold hire, mortar mixing silos, cranes and mechanical handling and certainly take no account for the cost of delays caused by bad weather. 

ICF Tech cost comparison graph 1

And do these rates take into account high levels of fabric performance demanded by the Building Regulations and the Code for Sustainable Homes? Of course not because if they did then the true cost of comparing an innovative, high performance, almost weather independent form of construction such as ours to a traditional method of construction is a different story all together.

When Sheffield Insulation Group chose the ICF Tech system to market under their Insulwall banner, they not only undertook a long term assessment to get the best available system, but they also undertook independent market research to determine the actual cost difference between their chosen ICF and traditional construction (timber frame and masonry).

The graphs on this page show the real cost of construction and the remarkable time difference in building the same house out of the three different types of construction; easy to see who the clear winner is.  So when you compare our tender documents with other forms of construction, you will now be able to see the bits of the puzzle that other forms of construction do not want you to know or understand.

When we quote you for a job we make it crystal clear what you get in terms of performance and cost, broken down so that you can make a clear, informed decision.  We are with you every step of the way and don’t believe in low quotes to get your attention and then ramping up the costs as the job proceeds; that’s the old way, or the ‘traditional’ way, but not our way.

And one last point to consider, our system is already being used to build Code Level 5 & 6 houses due to its inherent high performance; it already complies with future regulations regarding energy performance.

ICF Tech cost comparison graph 2