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ICF Tech - advanced construction technology

Call us on 01773 850920

Code level 5 new homes built using ICF (insulated concrete formwork).

ICF Tech benefits for house builders & developers

Building with ICFs dramatically reduces the time and cost of construction and offers huge advantages in energy saving, thermal efficiency and acoustic performance.

The ICF Tech can deliver you all the Forms and ancillary items that you need to complete your project. We can provide training for your operatives and technical (on-site) support during critical stages of the build such as the concrete pour.

Our in-house structural engineering, architectural and construction teams can assist you with every element of the build, literally from the ground works to putting the roof on.

Fast track construction

Speed of build is one of the key benefits of ICF construction. Up to 4m² per man per hour can be achieved (using trained and experienced installers). This equates to a five bed detached house being constructed in little over two weeks (ICF element).

Our system is not effected by adverse weather, when you consider that (in some form) it rains for over 150 days a year in the UK, that is a lot of wasted time if you build with brick/block or timber frame. With ICF Tech we can work in inclement weather so tight site deadlines are easier to meet.

Reduced labour costs

Labour cost is much reduced due to the fact that structures are quicker to build. Also, they do not require highly paid scarce skills such as brick layers.

Exceed Part L of the Building Regulations

The ICF tech system exceeds Part L of the building Regulations with U-Values starting at just 0.19 W/m² K (and down to 0.11W/m² K with a structural thickness of just 335mm using insulated plasterboard) – and air leakage as low as 0.74m³/m²/hr @ 50Pa measured. Airborne sound performance is also considerably improved.

Less site supervision

We provide a complete supply and fit service so there is less site supervision required.