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ICF Tech - advanced construction technology

Call us on 01773 850920

Art deco design new homes built using the ICF Tech system.

ICF Tech benefits for homeowners

The ICF Tech system can help you to reduce your energy bills and create a warm, safe and sustainable home.

Low running costs

ICFs have superior thermal performance compared to conventional methods of construction and therefore automatically provide low running costs (for heating and cooling). This means that you can turn your heating on later in the year and switch it off earlier.

Because there is better retention of heat within the building, due to the superior thermal performance and extremely low air infiltration, you are able to use a small boiler further reducing build and running costs.

With rising fuel costs, you should demand better performance from the structure of your house; with ICF Tech we deliver 2016 levels of performance today.

Good acoustic performance

Due to the density and thickness of the concrete cores within the ICF tech system, excellent acoustic insulation is provided.

Fire resistance

Once constructed, an ICF Tech house meets the Building Regulations requirements for fire performance. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is manufactured containing a flame retardant, which means the ICF does not contribute to the fire load and self extinguishes once the ignition source has been removed.