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ICF Tech - advanced construction technology

Call us on 01773 850920

Brooklyn House

ICF benefits for architects

As an architect your aim is to design a building that looks good and meets your client’s brief but is also functional, environmentally friendly and meets the required code compliance.

The benefits of the ICF Tech system include:

  • design flexibility
  • quicker build times
  • cost effectiveness
  • the variety of finishes available, and;
  • higher building performance particularly in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency.

You can design dwellings with larger clear spanning rooms due to the integral strength of the walling system and reduce the detail required around common interfaces such as windows and doors and wall to floor/roof details.

Design flexibility

The superior strength of the concrete core and the adaptable nature of the ICF Tech system, allows the creation of structures with curves and other angles. With ICF blocks you no longer have to design around the limitation of timber or conventional brick and block construction.

Superior thermal and sound performance

The high thermal performance of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), gives the ICF Tech system a U-value of 0.19 W/m²K in a structural width of just 250mm (and down to 0.11W/m²/k with a structural thickness of just 335mm using an insulated plasterboard) – well below the current Approved Document Part L of the Building Regulations requirement for energy efficiency. This monolithic structure also affords enhanced sound insulation from airborne sources, far more effectively than conventional forms of construction.

Speed of construction

ICFs do not have the design-to-manufacture lead times of other MMCs such as timber and steel frame. Our trained installers can achieve installation speed of 4m²/hr/man (we use a three man team) so your project can rapidly progress. This typically equates to a five bed detached house being completed in little over 2 weeks.

Variety of finishes

An ICF building can look like any other by adding brick slip systems, timber cladding, render or commercial cladding systems. Our specially designed webs (integral to the ICF form) can support loads of 64kg/m2 allowing heavy loads to be supported without having to secure them to the concrete core.

A Modern Method of Construction (MMC)

Insulated concrete formwork (ICF) is a very efficient off-site MMC and will be able to meet the new Code for Sustainable Homes and Building Regulations requirements, which come into force in stages from 2007. All new homes to be built in 2016 and later are to be Code Level 6 – zero carbon.