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ICF Tech - advanced construction technology

Call us on 01773 850920

Waterproof basement construction using iCF (insulated concrete formwork) systems.

Waterproof basement construction

Building a basement - ICF Tech systems deliver a watertight solution.ICF Tech installation teams are now approved installers for Triton Waterproofing products.  In collaboration with Triton we are able to offer our clients a guarantee backed basement solution. Our basement construction complies with BS8102:2009 (type A and type B).

Sealed concrete

The active chemicals in Triton waterproofing admixtures react with fresh concrete to produce a non-soluble crystalline formation which seals the concrete against the penetration of water or liquid.  These admixtures are used in the concrete and construction joints.

Watertight joints

ICF Tech construction detail for watertight basement construction

The key element in ensuring a basement is watertight is the construction joint between the slab and the wall. ICF Tech uses ‘Triton TT Super’ to ensure that this important construction joint is watertight.

Watertight basement construction detail with insulated concrete forms from ICF Tech and Triton systems.Using the same crystalline formulation, the ‘TT Super’ promotes the growth of fresh crystals once the new concrete is poured, that penetrate the slab to seal any small cracks or interstices (slab and wall concrete must both contain Triton TT admix). This is far more effective than hydrophilic strips that tend to expand too early in the construction process and cannot therefore be guaranteed.
The joint between the ICF Tech EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and the slab on the outside of the wall construction is then further sealed using a ‘Triton TT Fillet Seal’. The whole basement external wall is then coated with 2-3 coats of ‘Triton TT Vapour Membrane’.  This membrane is also applied to the slab toe, providing a third barrier to water ingress at the important wall/slab construction joint.

Backfill damage protection

Once the membrane has been applied a ‘Platon Double Drain Membrane’ is secured to the wall which protects the underlying waterproofing from backfill damage.  The membrane is designed to relieve water pressure against the basement wall by allowing the water to permeate the external geotex membrane of the Platon membrane and collect at the base of the wall where it is taken away using a suitable land drain.

Triton waterproofing of an ICF wall basement.  Basement waterproofing membrane on ICF wall.

You only want to waterproof your new basement once, so do it right first time with ICF Tech and Triton Systems.

Find out more about Triton products at