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ICF Tech - advanced construction technology

Call us on 01773 850920


About ICF Tech Ltd

After many years of research and high levels of investment in time, money and technical expertise, ICF Tech has designed and developed the only Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) system specifically for the UK market.

It is a complete supply ICF system, which is designed to dramatically reduce the time and cost of building walls using ICF blocks.

The company started as a concept in 2002, in 2004 it was financially backed by the Litchfield group and entered the development stage; by 2007 ICF-Tech had signed its first projects and applied, and further obtained,the BBA certification.

In the last three years ICF tech has been gathering its strength and planning the new chapter for the company; we have successfully complete our first 10 years cycle (commercially available)and we believe the knowledge and experience given by these years will help us to bring ICF construction into a more relevant role in the construction industry.

Our mission

To bring ICF-tech as the chosen and most well known provider of thermal efficient walls by supplying quality forms, providing a well tested training program and sharing resources relevant to the construction and use of the system

Our vision

That all developments that have an interest in the energy efficiency of their buildings use ICF-tech.